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Smiling Pics offers a wide selection of photography services for our fast-growing list of clients. Our offerings include sessions for women going through maternity, newborn children, babies and children up to the age of 12. We offer our services at competitive price points and lay a focus on delivering the best quality photography results. 

Our photography services include - 

34 to 36 week

Maternity is a special time in the life of every soon-to-be mother. It is also the time when a woman is nurturing and helping her baby grow. Capturing photographs at this important stage is one of our specialties. We offer pre-session consultations for our maternity clients and up to 30 photographs.

7 to 18 months


As your baby steps over the 6 months age mark, he or she is learning new things including how to sit. Our photography experts specialize in inspiring the best poses out of your sitter stage babies. We use our creativity and visual imagination to create amazing photographs that create fantastic memories.

1 to 3 years

When your toddler is growing up fast, starting school and ruling the playground, he or she is a great subject for our experienced lenses. Our kids’ photographers are responsible for capturing your kids in a variety of playful poses, with the addition of props and suitable backgrounds.

5 to 60 days


Children who have just been born can also be photographed with grace and elegance. Our baby photographers are experts are finding suitable angles to click the most adorable photos of your newborns. 

one year old birthday shoot


A cake smash session is another unique opportunity to celebrate the very first birthday of your child. It also makes for some really great photographs, and that is where we come in. Our baby photographer professionals picture the best scenarios of your year-old child as he smashes through his first birthday cake in pure joy. 

Family Portraits


A family evolves over time as every member grows, but the unity and bond they share are priceless. It is that very essence of a family that our family photographer professionals aim to highlight. Our family portrait services ensure that every member shines in the photographs clicked by us. 

2 to 6 months

 A newborn steps into the baby age at about 2 months of age. Along with physical development, babies are also able to exhibit a lot more emotions through their expressions. Our baby photography services are focussed on capturing these unique expressions at their best.

1 to 3 years

Between the age of 1 and 3, your toddler takes his very first steps and those are some of the most precious moments for parents to cherish. Our toddler photography professionals can create the perfect setting for your toddler to smile, laugh and have a great time. Pre-session consultations help us determine the best approach for your toddlers. Up to 30 photographs are provided with this service.

High-Quality Maternity and Baby Photography Services

Welcome to Smiling Pics (Maternity & Baby Photography), the home of high quality and professional family photography services. We are a team comprised of talented and experienced family photography experts with the passion to help families create memories that last forever. Our photographers specialize in capturing moments of pure joy, celebration and unity involving you and your loved ones. We are always ready to meet your expectations of exceptional child and maternal photography. Our dedication can make your special moments even more special. 

Our services are available in a variety of settings, including our own studio space, designated outdoor environments, and locations chosen by you. Each of our photography sessions begins with getting to know a family well, and we are experts at paying attention to detail. We believe that every family is unique and we work to capture that innate uniqueness. Our skills and knowledge of personal and portrait photography help us create the perfect setting to encourage free-flowing emotions. New parents and expecting parents can rely on Smiling Pics for all their unique photography requirements. 

Avail our Comprehensive Photography Services

If you are at any stage of your pregnancy or have just welcomed a bundle of joy into your life, we can capture your feelings with our lenses. We can help you hold on to those precious moments of your child’s birthday, first steps and the journey of growing up. Our areas of expertise include baby photography, maternity photography, toddler photography, kids photography and family photography. You can expert truly professional and premium photography results that are simply timeless. 

We offer pre-consultations for all our clients to determine the setting they want, the poses they are comfortable in, and the aesthetics of each photograph. If you want our assistance to set the perfect scene, we are always ready. Our deep knowledge extends to suggesting the best poses, accentuating backgrounds and lighting, and making you look phenomenal. If you have been looking for a competent maternity photographer, baby photographer and family photographer professionals, your search ends with us. 

Affordable Solutions from Professional Photographers

Our photography services are available to Indian customers at very reasonable rates. Yet, we are stringent about the quality of our consultations with, the high level of professionalism during photography sessions, and the end results delivered to you. We can be with you every step of the way, right from the baby bump to the time when your kids are young, and even beyond. Our team loves touching the lives of new and expecting parents with positivity and jubilation. With Smiling Pics, you can always expect services from accomplished photography professionals. We treat each of our clients’ projects with utmost sincerity and dedication. 

Photographs clicked by us can tell your stories beautifully to all future generations. Every single photograph we click can adorn your walls and tabletops gracefully. We believe in immortalizing your memories and special moments with our creativity and imagination. Everything you need, from costumes to props and special backgrounds, can be arranged by our team. You can look at our creatively designed photography packages to get a better idea about what we offer. We prove time and again, that even baby and maternity photographs can have a touch of glamour. 

We offer these photography service offerings for the needs of new parents and families

32-36 weeks (8th month)

Pregnant women who have reached 3 or 4 months of pregnancy and have a noticeable baby bump are suited for this service. Our maternity photographers add their creative genius in helping soon-to-be mothers glow their best. You and your child can look back at stylish maternity photographs and cherish that moment in time. Motherhood is a celebration and an important stage in a woman’s life. The maternity phase deserves to be highlighted with the help of vivid and glamorous photographs. 

maternity banner1.jpg
new born banner.jpg

Best Time 6-10 Days

If you are a parent who has just welcomed a new child into the family, our newborn photography services are appropriate for you. For babies who are between the age of 5 days to 60 days, our photographers can take extra care and produce excellent results. Capturing a newly born child in the perfect pose is always a challenge, but we are fully dedicated to delivering the best possible results. Our professionals work closely with parents to ensure ultimate comfort for newborns during photography sessions.


from 3 to 5 month old babies

Our photographers can click amazing photographs of your 2-6-month old babies within our specialized indoor and outdoor environments. We can capture classy and timeless photos of your little ones, and add a touch of softness to produce commendable results. We guarantee baby photography results that you and your family members will not be able to stop looking at. 

Babyboy sleeping
baby sitting

from 7 to 8 month old babies

A baby in the sitter stage is just learning to sit and growing in awareness rapidly. This phase entails some breathtakingly natural expressions from them, which our experts can snap through their experienced lenses. We encourage parents to let their imagination run wild, so their 7-12 months old children can look their flamboyant best.


from 4 to 12  years

Babies become toddlers and in the span of just a few years, they grow up so fast into children. Their playfulness and excitement make for some brilliant photographs, which we are capable of clicking. Our kids’ photographers work with children who are between the age of 4 and 12 and produce memories that resonate their youthful spirit forever.

Sleeping Girl_edited.jpg
Young Boy

from 1.5 to 3 years

When your baby has reached the age of 1 to 3 years, he or she is growing fast and observing the world keenly. Toddlers are also learning to take their very first steps, which should be documented well. Our toddler photographer professionals induce their creative spirit and passion to capture stunning and spontaneous photographs. We can click your toddler at his/her playful best. 

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